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Did you know….


– Salmonella and other bacteria can survive on dry surface for 4 weeks and will immediately contanminate  the food with germs upon contact.  So next time no more 5 seconds rule because your food is not clean even you pick it up in 3 seconds.


– Frogs cannot empty their stomach by vomiting. When frogs eat something toxic, they throw up their stomachs, and then use their forearms to dig out all the contents in the stomach and wipe it off. Yes, stomach dangling it out from its mouth and then swallow it back.


– What does WD-40 stands for? It stands for Water Displacement 40th attempt . This name was comoing from the chemist, Norm Larsen who helped develop WD-40 back in 1953. Norm was trying to concoct a formula to prevent corrosion by displacing water. It took him 40 times before he succeeded thus the name WD-40.

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