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Rant of the Week – iWhatever….dudes can’t you make up your own damn name?

Damn Apple with its lazy naming convention. IPod, IPad, IPhone, IMac…..COME ON!!! can’t you come up something better than placing an “I” infront of things and call it a day? Ok Ok Ok…..the whole “I” thing is Apple’s thing BUT now you started a trend among other lazy d**chebags. Everyone and anyone has a “i” something for their product. There is docking station line called or named IHome, ok thats understandable, its a dock for the IPod or IPhone. But if you have a company call iContact, that has nothing to do with IPod or infact any of Apple’s product other than they have an app that you can download for you IPod or IPhone, thats just lazy. Then you have random websites naming itself “i” something….example… iVillage. Then you have big time companies like T-Mobile doing the same thing…. iWireless? Yeah Yeah, someone might say iWireless might be a company on its own before T-Mobile acquire it or something like that… look I don’t know the history, but your argument is not valid in either way. If it was BEFORE T-Mobile acquired, then the person that made up the company was lazy, they can’t think up a better name? If it was T-Mobile’s idea to name it to iWireless, the I say the P-R person needs to be fired. Come on, what happened to cool names? Like something like Thunderbird or better yet Falcon Cougar Thunderbird. Ok, so you might argue with me..”ooh but with the ‘i’, thats the most popular choice of naming convention now.” Oooooh so should we reconsider renaming our side to iABCCubed? or better yet, should I rename myself to iBoyd? yeah, its stupid isn’t it? Come people, don’t be lazy…… you can only name something “i” something for so many times till someone like me says its annoying and lazy.

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  • akwan

    Dude you just contradicted yourself in your rant. You said you know the whole “i” thing is Apple’s thing yet you still call them “lazy.” It’s their branding. They started it all with the whole “iPod” thing so they just ran with that. And then you have all the 3rd-parties that make accessories for the Apple products that call themselves “iWhatever” which makes total sense too. It’s whatever works in the consumers’ mind that gets them to buy more of the products right? See? It’s so ubiquitous out there now that you can’t help to see/hear/breathe it everywhere so it sticks in your mind and makes the stuff easier to remember. So yeah, we should consider renaming ourselves to “iABCCubed” then. I betcha the hits won’t stop coming then.

    Oh yeah and btw, I DO call myself “iAKwan” sometimes as well… just fyi.