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If something works don’t change anything, well ok, change the names.

I am a big fan of Final Fantasy series. Regardless of what people say, I liked the newest Final Fantasy XIII, and yes I beat it. But my favorite still remains to be Final Fantasy VI and VII and both considered by many to be classics from the series. But check it out……so if you read the of course made up excerpt above, you do notice that its true. So what does it mean? It means, if something works, why bother changing it?

Thanks Anon for showing me this.

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  • blaw

    Well FFVI is rumored to be remade for the 3DS. I might sound like a hypocrite but I am actually excited to see how the remake for FFVI on 3DS would look like.

  • Anon

    Both are great games in their own right. I just hated casting Knights of the Round, because it would take 10 mins to finish. How do you feel about these games being remade? Would it bother you as much as the movie industry on how they reboot every franchise? Just curious… imaging seeing Sabin doing Bum Rush in CGI.