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Cool or Boo: Eco-friendly Solar Camera Neckstrap

Being an amateur photographer, I don’t want to waste too much money to buy unnecessary accessories for my DSLR.  The reason for that is because I don’t know what I really need, and accessories for DSLR camera are usually expensive.  But one thing I always want to get for my camera is an extra battery because I am always in a hurry to grab my camera to go out but only to find out the battery is not charged!! (Memory card is the other one that I always forget.  Grrr!!) But then an extra battery is something you don’t really need, but it would be nice to have it, and it doesn’t do any good if I don’t remember to charge it, right?   So I came across this cool thing (if it really works) on the web – the Solar Camera Strap!

It is a simple idea, but quite smart to implement it to make money.  It is basically just putting a thin solar film on the neck strap and gives power to the attached camera.  Hopefully this strap can be on the market soon, so I can still enjoy the happy sun and snap away more beautiful pictures without worrying about running out of battery~

Do you really take that much pics that you need power constantly?

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