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Anyone wanna get their ass kicked by ABC-cubed tonight?

If so, and you have a PS3 and the game, log into the Playstation Network tonight and get in a few rounds of Super Street Fighter 4 with each of the members of the group. And then, we’ll find out who reigns supreme — you or ABCcubed. Mwahahahahahaha! Get ready to get your ass pwned tonight.

Game: Super Street Fighter IV
Platform: PS3
Online ID: ABCcubed
Time: 9:30 PM

The results for 07/01/2010 match.
Not alot of folks actually joined us, but its ok, we have a new friend that join and supported us. We haven’t got his permission to release his alias online so I just leave it at that. But here is the results, of course for people that knows already, Akwan is the one with the “cyber…..” ID. Heh…SOOOOO who is up for the challenge next week?

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