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Click Click! 011: Cricketing Nature

peeking thru the peaceful pine

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”

-Just a simple guy with a camera

To capture this week’s subject, with a few friends, we went to Natick’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary. I can’t even remember the last time I actually walked a trail or hiked.  I suppose I’ve always led a busy city life  without really stepping into the boundaries of nature.  So we went to the visitor’s center and the admission was $5.00 for non-member adults.  The girl whom worked there explained that we will see chipmunks, turtles, frogs, and a variety of birds at the site. Wow, this day’s journey in a protected wildlife.

While I was walking, what do these words “Cricketing Nature” mean to me?  I need to shoot some crickets or the logs they dwell in or some close up shot of a dragonfly.  Instead, without the right tools in my arsenal, I came to think what else can Cricketing Nature mean to me.  Then it came to me that I wanted to capture the calm patience and the unending passing of time in nature.  That’s where I took a photo of what I think is a pine tree branch casting over the vast plains.

The Rippling Drops

Basically this experience of into the woods make me venture deeper into how to shoot Macro Photography.  Macro gives you about a 1:1 magnifies size of the insect, flower or leaf.  Here are two things that will help me prepare for Macro Photography:

1. Macro Lens – The ones that are compatible with my DSLR which is Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 lens ($199.99 MSRP / $479.99 MSRP for 50mm).  a) First of all, these lens are definitely fair in price for a entry level photography. A Canon EF 50mm f/2.8 MSRP for $499.99. Well, for $199.99, I can at least get started. b) The f/2.8 (a smaller minimum f-number) makes it quite a fast lens which means it captures more light which then allows a faster shutter speed. c) 30mm is great for still life, and or snails. But to capture those dragonflies, 50mm will be preferred lens choice, hence the double of $$$.

2. Macro Reverse Ring – A very affordable alternative which costs like $13.99 MSRP. This allows you to mount your current 18-70mm or telephoto lens literally reverse. By using this technique, correct me if I am wrong, it will become a fixed lens which you have to move closer or away from your subject. In order to change the aperture to define your depth of field, you can use the slider found on your lens oppoosite side. You’ll see what I mean if I take your lens out.

Photography can get quite expensive.

So for next week’s subject: Decisive Moment

Last, thank you again for your photo submissions, and many of them were great. You can find one below, and many others in the gallery view. If you have any questions or tips, please email me at, and if you like this article, please rate it.

Thanks Legna for submitting this photo. A cricket stands before the thundering waterfall.

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