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Rant of the Week – I reserved, why do I need to wait?

Ok, this is more of a personal gripe than a real rant….. but then again its my post so anyone complains…well you can complain……its will be my next rant..hahaahahaha. Anyway…as you all might know, the IPhone 4 came out recently. Well it came out last Thursday, the 24th, to be exact. Its a nice piece of technology like any other IPhone. Aside from the reception issues, which I see the bars GO down BUT I haven’t experience any dropped calls yet. But then again, maybe I haven’t made enough phone calls to notice. Anway……my rant today is not about the phone, you see that everywhere on the net already. My rant is about how the system of letting people in the store to actually buy the damn thing.

I reserved the phone….let me reiterate, I am no Apple fanboy. I have AT&T as service and I have a 2 year contract discount, so I said, why not. So I reserved it. It comes out to be around $200. Not too bad. So I reserved it. I had no issues reserving, while I have people telling me that they can’t even get on the site. ????? I don’t know dude…….. so I reserved thinking that I can just walk in by the day it gets to the stores. Boy, I was wrong.

When I arrived to the Apple store in Natick Mall on Route 9. There was 2 lines, a “reserved” line and a “non-reserved” line. Trust me if the reserve line was LONG, I wouldn’t have waited. I was like the 3rd person on the reserved line. The non-reserved line had like atleast 30 people in line. At that point I was mentally laughing and pointing at them. I remember thinking to myself…”hahahah suckers… you damn fanboys!!! you ALL SUCK, you want the damn thing but yet TOO LAZY to get online and reserve, serves you all right!!”. Boy, I would soon made to eat my own thoughts.

I stood their thinking #3 in line is not so bad, so slowly the reserve line started to build up as well. But while that was happening I see the girl that was watching the non-reserve line let like 10 people into the store. She would ask them… “hi, what are you here today for?” and the people would tell her.. “oh I am here for a macbook…” or whatever else that is not related to the IPhone. I swear, I see people go in and come back out with IPhones in their hands. I was like what the FU**? Ok…I took long breaths and then relaxed. I said to myself..”well sooner or later they will catch on.”…….you see I didn’t care if I get it that day or not, its just seeing those bastards lie and go in and buy it is the problem here. And for that girl to allow any freaking douc*e to go in is very very very questionable. While I stood there for 30 minutes, I finally moved to 2nd place in line. I was about to give up and go back to work, since I came out from work during my lunch hour. But the line that I saw for the non-reserve is completely cleared out. There was no longer anyone inline, while the reserve line is long, VERY LONG!!

Finally the first person inline questioned the girl that watched over the non-reserved line. It went something like this….”How does this work? how come you are letting the non-reserve line go while we reserved has to wait?” So she answered…”well we have your phone reserved ALREADY, but there is a limited stock of the non-reserve, so its first come first serve.”…..

So at that moment, I thought to myself…”so should we be able to just walk up to Apple “genius” as they call themselves and just give them my name and whatever info they need to get the phone?”……. SIGH~~~~ by now I am 45 minutes into the whole waiting, finally the 1st guy gets to go in, but trsut me, he was pissed. I am #1 in line now. I was about to give up, cause from Natick Mall to my office itself is about 30 minutes, but that would mean my 45 minute wait was pointless. I stuck thru for another 20 minutes. Finally it was my turn. I went in…..

I got in and this dude was trying to sell me MobileMe…… COME ON MAN!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK!!! I had to cut the dude off….I said..”dude, I gotta jet outta if you can spare me the sales pitch? and just hand me the phone?”……The guy was like..”ok, sure….BUT, before that happens let me go over the plans with you…”….fine do it……ooh no, he saw someone he knew as a personal friend, he had to say HI to her. I was like..”what the fu**?”…… At that point, I was like…”dude, DO YOUR JOB!!”……. I was about to make a formal complaint, for real. I said, “excuse me, but I think I will stick with my old plans…”, finally I got his attention, I gave him my ID and credit card and FINALLY the processing is over. BUT there is still activation.

SIGH~~~~ at that point I said to myself…”REALLY?”……. you would think that same dude will do the activation as well…… oooooh no, oooooooooohhhhh no …. there is another “genius” that does the activation of the phone for you. He took the phone and guided me to this other “genius”. He introduced himself and said he will be activating my phone for me. Then while that was happening, he made small talk, he asked me if I know about the new features of the phone…I was like… “dude, just activate my phone, I read all about it on Gizmodo already.” So finally he activated it, kinda. He wasn’t able to figure out why the new phone is not picking up the AT&T signal. I told him…”its ok, I gotta bust outta here, I can take it from here on…” So I grabbed the phone and jetted out. It was real simple really, I need to turn both my old phone and new phone off then turn my new phone back on. That did the trick, actually any logical person that would think would have done that already, instead of fiddling the usb cable that connects the phone to the mac. REAL MEN OF GENIUS…really!!

In short, what is the point of reserving? I could have got in and got out with the non-reserve line. As for the “genius”es, where do they get the ego to get a job to call themselves “genius”es. FU** YOU!!!! Genius my ass……

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  • trouBLE

    I feel the pain for u, boydsan! I would be pissed to if I see I was treated like that by the apple peeps! They should let both the “reserved” and “non-reserved” lines to go in at the same time… What I would do, I would have one register open specifically for “reserved”, and it handles just the “reserved” line….It would be fair for reserved peeps….maybe it just happened like this at this store?

  • blaw

    uumm other than the phone I don’t have any APPLE products…but if that makes me a fanboy…..alrite…..I guess I am…but I will continue to refuse to purchase anything else APPLE.

  • jqhuynh

    Anon, I’m feeling the exact same way as you brother! It’s like convincing yourself that you’re not gay. Dude, seriously now. If you are a fan of the product and the brand just admit it! It’s ok if deep inside you truly are a fanboy.

  • blaw

    again…I reserved, shouldn’t a reserved person go first before the non-reserve?

  • Anon

    I love when you post anything Apple related, you feel the need to point out that you are not a fanboy. Honestly, the thought doesn’t come to my head, but when you point it out, I just think someone is insecure about themselves. Its okay to love Apple, sheesh. What kind of treatment did you expect on launchday?

  • akwan

    I’m kinda disappointed in you. Instead of telling the Apple dude that you’ve read all about the new features already on Gizmodo, you could’ve told him that you even did a whole podcast about it with your buddies and to go to to check it out. Missed a great opportunity to promote the site… sigh.

  • blaw

    but I reserved!!! sigh~~~~ so reserving don’t make me any special? then I ask again, why the hell should I reserve?

  • jqhuynh

    Dude, everything you went through was expected. You really thought it was going to be a smooth ride in and out on the first day…especially during lunch time? You must have known everybody and their mamas were going to be there waiting in both lines. I’m sorry to say but you were practically an Apple Fanboy’s best friend that day. Hey, at least you made it out with an iPhone. I, on the otherhand, have to wait for the next shipment whenever that is!