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Are you the Annoying Coworker?

You are at work at least 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, you probably see your coworkers more than your friends.  In my opinion, everyone should just be nice and be respectful at work.  But there’s always an annoying coworker in every place no matter how many jobs you have chnaged.  Here are my top 5 highly annoying coworker behaviors:

1. Unproductive coworker

–         Yea, you have work to do, so get to it!  You know, you’ve been here longer than me, you probably get paid more than me, so why can’t you do some work??  Don’t say it’s not your job, because it is on the job description.  And if you stop talking and do some work, maybe you wouldn’t miss the deadline.  If I get paid per job, I will probably make way more than you.

2. Non-team player

–          I am on the phone with a customer already, two other phones are ringing, and coffee is spilling, and you are just sitting there smiling at me and being psychologically supportive?  Thanks, that really helps me a lot!  Can you at least pick up the phone and tell the other end to hold on?  Does the constant ringing noise even bother you?  I guess not.  You know what, next time instead of helping you to take out the papers from the jammed printer, I will give you my most supportive smile. : )

3. Turn off your speaker phone please?

–         I don’t want to hear you arguing with the credit card company about an overdue penalty fee, and you really don’t need to share that special moment of your significant other one kissing you goodbye on the phone with everyone else in the office.  T.M.I.  The speaker phone is loud already, and you are talking increasingly louder because your speaker phone sucks.  You are distracting other coworkers who are working very hard doing their jobs, and did I mention they are also doing your work because you are not doing it?

4. You think you know it all, but you don’t

–         Sorry to tell you the truth, but you are not as smart as you think, and you can’t possibly know everything and be right all the time.  After all, I never seen you done anything beside talking and giving your “advices” and “opinions” on everything.  Just because you talk louder doesn’t make you right and I am wrong.  You are not right all the time, so please stop talking, listen to other people for a minute, and maybe accept that you are wrong?

5. It’s my pen, mine, mine, mine!

–         Okay, I might be being possessive here, but can you stop taking my pen, my stapler, my tape and my fries?  You have your own pen, I saw it yesterday, you had three, red, blue and black, so stop taking mine.  Just go to the office supply cabinet and get your own pen, it’s not that far and it is good exercise for you to get up from the chair once a while.  oh, and can you take your coffee up off my desk?  It’s MY space.

So, what’s your top annoying coworker behaviors?


So, what's your top annoying coworker behaviors?

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