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“AKwan’s Kitchen” – Episode 6: Mexican Mix

In this episode, watch how to make “Mexican Mix.” Recipe and video after the jump.

– 1 onion (any white onion will do)
– 1 green pepper
– 1 tomato
– can of diced tomatoes
– can of black beans
– chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (can be found sold in a container)
– cumin
– chili powder
– salt
– pepper
– corn (from the cob or niblets from can is fine too)
– jalapeno pepper
– white rice
– frozen “fake” meat or you could use “real” ground beef
– olive oil

1.) Heat up olive oil in saucepan.
2.) In separate pot, start boiling a cup and a half of water for the rice.
3.) Dice up the onion.
4.) Dice up the green pepper.
5.) Start to stir-fry the onion and green pepper together.
6.) Chop up jalapeno and chipotle peppers and add them into the mix.
7.) When water for rice starts to boil, add in a cup of rice.
8.) Put in canned tomatoes (with the water) into mix.
9.) Put in black beans.
10.) Put in the corn.
11.) Add some water into the mix.
12.) Add salt.
13.) Add black pepper.
14.) Add cumin.
15.) Add chili powder.
16.) Mix everything well together.
17.) Add in “meat.”
18.) Let simmer for a few minutes.
19.) When rice is cooked, add directly into saucepan of mix.
20.) Cook the mix for a few minutes with the rice so all the flavors get absorbed.
21.) If desired, garnish on top with some cilantro.

And voila! There you have it — “Mexican Mix.” Mmm nom nom nom!

Thanks to Buckles for being my guest this week and @jonnyhayward for the photos.

If you missed any of the previous episodes, you can watch them here on my YouTube channel:

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  • akwan

    Thanks Buckles for coming onto my show; perhaps we can have you back on it someday. It was fun. Like I had said in my video, the dish tasted pretty good; it was kinda spicy… but I bet if he had kept the seeds in the jalapeno, it would’ve been even more spicy!

  • buckles

    knife skills… practice, practice, practice… and endless hours of watching top chef.

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  • legna

    yea you can tell he cooks very often! the dish sure looked good, how did it taste? was the jalapeno hot??

  • rkwan

    Buckler’s seems pretty good with the knife. And the food does look yummy as well. How does one improve slice and dice skill?