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Click Click! 010: Reflecting Landscapes

Chicago "The Bean"

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”

-Just a simple guy with a camera

This week, I bring you my reflecting landscape: The Cloud Gate which is better known as “The Bean” in Chicago. I shot about maybe 20 shots of the bean in about 6 different angles, however, I liked the above feature one the most. This photo gives you an idea of depth, scale of and for the subject “bean”.  This photo also reminds me of how hot it is to be shooting a photo in the afternoon sun, but it was well worth it.  It also fulfills what I perceive to be reflective landscape.

When I think of the reflective landscape, another idea that always gets into my head is to shoot the skyline of the city also reflected in the water. But for some stupid excuses and being an amateur photo dude, I didn’t quite capture that photo, but look out for future subjects when I do get there.

Architecture Boat Tour in Chicago

Well for the above photo, I was actually on a Wendella’s architecture boat tour. It was actually pretty good 75 minute ride along the Chicago River. Yet some were fun facts, other were history. The one thing I remember her saying was that some condominiums had personal elevators. Well in contrast if I had a personal elevator for my car, that’ll be awesome.

Well, back to the  topic, the worst thing ever to happen to a photographer has appeared right before me….

After waiting for 1 hour to get into Shedd Aquarium of the Chicago, my camera lens was making clicking noise when turning on and off. That was sad and shocking, how can this happen?

I was quite lucky to have a someone of whom I love to be traveling with me, and she had an extra camera that I can continue to use. It would’ve been disappointing to not take any photos for the remainder of the trip. I was saved.

So for next week’s subject: Cricketing Nature

Last, thank you again for your photo submissions, and many of them were great. You can find one below, and many others in the gallery view. If you have any questions or tips, please email me at, and if you like this article, please rate it.

Tetris Landscape

Thanks akwan for submitting this photo. Definitely a strong, repetitive pattern reflecting the cloud and nearby buildings. I would like to name this photo "Tetris Scape".

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