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Rant of the Week – Yes, I know how to wash my hands!!

This is not the newest argument, but I still wonder why. Well I know why, supposedly, but I really want the truth. The real truth…. SO WHY DID THEY REPLACE THE JAPANESE SONG IN FFXIII WITH A ENGLISH SONG? I was so anti-english song, I bought the Japanese version of FFXIII and I never looked back. I am considering getting the asian version, which is even cooler, English subs with Japanese audio.

I am not here to promote the asian game, or any version of the game, but what I want to know is why did they replace the Japanese song with the English song. I mean, to all respect to Leona Lewis, how she became famous is not my concern, but for Square Enix to replace the Japanese song “Kimi ga iru kara”, roughly translating to “Because you are here” sung by Sugawara Sayuri to Leona Lewis’s “My Hands”, which literally was about Leona waking up and washing her hands. I am sure there is a deeper meaning but heck, I am a simple person…… all I hear is washing hands. Sorry dude….. call me a pro-japanese, but I just think it sounds better.

I am very sure Sugawara-san can sing in English she needs to, so what I don’t understand is why they replaced her. I mean, in the past FF games, they had Faye Wong a, a HK pop singer that did the English version of the theme song. So why all of a sudden they decide to spend the extra money to hire a another singer which in my opinion was more breathing than singing, to sing the theme song?

Ok ok, some of you might say…”well lets get your facts straight…” ok……… FFXIII songs are not technically written for FFXIII. They were songs chosen out of each respective artists own previous albums. And they were not even written or composed by Nobuo Uematsu. And some might say…”oh well that is in English, so us English gamers can understand…..” but there ARE TONS of games that has Japanese songs in the background these days. No one complains and the HARDCORE fans actually prefer the original unedited version of the game. So there is no excuse.

After my rant, I am still not sure WHY they did it, but I am glad that I went with the Japanese version of the game. For you guys that beat the game, have you heard the “My Hands”. Compare it to the Japanese song, what you think?

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