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Cool or Boo: IContact (It’s not an Apple product!)

Okay, from optical to laser, wired to wireless, you might think there’s nothing much one can do to further advance a computer mice.  Think again.  Introducing the IContact – the unthinkable (at least to me) new mice experience.

IContact (Just because its name starts with an “I” doesn’t mean it is an Apple product.  The IContact is basically contact lens integrated with a computer mouse.  Motion recognizion sensors in the Lens track eyes movement, then send the singals to a receiver connected to the computer, which allow you to control the mouse cursor on the monitor.  And a blink of your eyes is a click on your mouse… hmm… imagine people who plays shooting games….. oh boy… gonna needs lot of eyedrops for that….

The IContact was orginially designed for people with disabilities, but if you are so lazy that you can’t even pick up a wireless mouse, I supposed you can use it too.

Are you lazy enough to not even move a mouse with your hand?

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Posted in Cool or Boo.

  • rkwan

    This is more advance than the PS3 Move and Natal. This will own them. Now if I can stop blinking.

  • akwan

    Hahahahahahaha! I’m imagining right now what it’d be like if someone was playing a shooting game with this and the image is just TOO funny in my head LOL!