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Rant of the Week – There is no A Team if there is no Mr. T

I can’t say I remember the A Team show well, but I do remember Mr. T on the reruns that I use to watch when I was a kid. He WAS the show, if there was no Mr. T, there is NO A Team,
it would just be another show about weirdos doing good deeds. Look, the rest of the cast was nobodies. Mr. T carried the show, the dude was in Rocky…….ROCKY!!! But if I remember, the show was ok. It was more or less almost at a “Scooby Doo” format. Every episode they help out some person by foiling some bad guy or bad group. They are always able to come up some way to make a weapon to combat the bad guys with trash. Atleast thats how I remember the show. SOOOOO with that said, there is a movie coming out. The A Team movie……WEEEEEEEEE!!!! Let my rant begin!!

So I am sure people thats not living under a rock should know there is a A Team movie coming out soon. Its another one of those CG fest. People just don’t do stunts anymore. I say the actors ARE to pampered these days and they get paid WAY TOO MUCH for just reading lines. Anyway, thats another rant post. I just watched the A Team movie trailer, its was ok till the part where they introduced B.A. Baracus. Its not Mr. T. ITS NOT MR. T., last time I checked, Mr. T is not dead, so why not offer him the role? The dude that is in the movie is no good. You can’t replace Mr. T as B.A Baracus. Mr. T’s acting was so bad…..he didn’t act, he didn’t even have much lines but that was his charm. He just looked DAMN mean. Hence fullfilling his role…B.A. Baracus. The “B.A.” stands for “Bad Attitude” you know. If you watched the trailer, you see the new B.A. IS WAAAAY to friendly. Mr. T looked as if he was about to jump the rest of the cast any moment. But this new guy, he was all friendly and talked WAY TOOOOOOO MUCH. SHUT UP!!!!

SIGH~~~ I can’t say the A Team is part of my childhood, or maybe it is, but not the best part. I didn’t care much about it BUT I remember stuff about it. And from what I see from the trailer, its not the A Team that I know. My other reason that I bring this up is that, you see how Hollywood is running out of ideas? Really? A Team? So should I be expecting a Bay Watch movie soon? Or a Beverly Hills, 90210 movie? Or a Saved By The Bell movie? Come on people…. what happened to the original ideas? What happened to creation? What happened to imagination?

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