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Cool or Boo: Save the kitchen from Smoke

Being an Asian, I like to stir fried my food and cook everything in a Wok.  But stir frying always generates a lot of smoke, and I mean A LOT (and if you “stir frying” your food and there’s no smoke, um.. you are not stir frying it the right way!).  I myself had set off the fire alarm twice already because of stir frying, not to mention my friend alerted the Boston Fire Department and they axed open her door because of stir frying beef and broccoli before….

The solution to avoid setting the fire alarm or the whole Boston Fire Department is usually getting one of those really powerful Chinese hood range, so it can absorb all the smoke.  But if you don’t have a full kitchen, or don’t know your way to Chinatown to get the range, you might want to consider getting the “Elimate Smoke Wok”.

How the Elimate Smoke Wok works is there is a hidden a carbon filter and fan in the handle.   The smoke gets absorbed into the fan by activated carbon when powered on.  There is also an indicator to tell you how much smoke is being absorbed.

Pretty cool? Maybe.  I think it’s okay.  I am just wondering how am I going to wash the Wok without being electricuoted?  How do I change the filter? And my biggest concern is how heavy is the Wok?? A normal wok is pretty heavy by itself already, now with a fan and filter?  So how am I gonna toss my vegetables??

By the way, that’s Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple in the picture : )

A smokeless wok, is it a asian cook's dream come true or is it a total travesty from people that think they know what a wok is?

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