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Click Click! 008: Here comes Summer…

Mhmmm Ice Cream.

How many licks before the ice cream melts?

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”

-Just a simple guy with a camera

Whether you are tanning at the beach,  or enjoying the white coffee ice cream under an umbrella, or falling in love, summer always gives me the motivation to enjoy the view of the greater outdoors. Next I would like thank to all the readers that have submitted their photos to this week’s subject: Summer. From all the photos received, all the photos have one thing in common: BEACH.

It’s probably because that you are only able to enjoy the beach only during this time. Well, you’re like, hey your feature photo isn’t a beach photo. Despite that fact, I had trouble in taking a beach photo.

Multiple attempts were made to the Wollaston Beach.The first attempt: It was a cloudy day, when I got off the car, and prepared to start taking pictures, it started to rain. The second attempt: I went there at 10:00 AM, wow the sun was glaring in my eyes no matter what direction I stood at.

As this time, I learned some tips for shooting my next beach photo.

From now on, I will also post a picture I dislike the most.

1. Focal Point: The beach is so vast, almost everything looks great with our eyes. But capturing the beach in general makes it quite dull. Just take a look at the above photo. The view was gorgeous when I was there. The warm waves splashing onto the shore and overlooking the yacht club. It was indeed relaxing. However, that photo couldn’t quite express my mood or in the least have a central point of interest. Also, why da heck is this photo at angle? You’ll find out at point two.

Here’s a great photo shot by Legna at the Hampton Beach.  So where’s the focal point of this photo? I think it’s the use of the thirds, and the horizontal lines that tells me a story of these magnificent clouds casting over this crowded beach.

Legna's shot at Hampton Beach. Magnificent view of the clouds.

2. Try to keep a straight Horizons level I purposely shot the first (yacht house) photo at slightly off the horizon level to show the problem. Sometimes, you may do this by trying to get a better composition of the subject, but most of the time, it’s better off getting the horizon to level.  It makes the photo appear dizzy like getting sicksea on a boat.

Next week, so for next week’s subject: Dazzling Lights.

Last, thank you again for your photo submissions, and many of them were great. You can find one below, and many others in the gallery view. If you have any questions or tips, please email me at, and if you like this article, please rate it.

This is very nice photo indeed. The focal point dead on, and the action was captured just at the moment's time. Thanks Ms. Seto.

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