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Rant of the Week – So how is it Karate Kid, when its Kung Fu?

Ok call me old, I watched the original Karate Kid movies with Pat Morita aka Mr. Miyagi (oooh we saw him once in Vegas and we were told that he hated people calling him Mr. Miyagi……alrite, thats what made you famous…but alrite, rest in peace)…and Ralph Macchio. It was about a kid that gets bullied in school and this old japanese dude taught this kid karate to kick the bully’s ass. Simple story and enjoyable, well atleast the first movie was, the rest was utter crap. This is another example of Hollywood taking people’s childhood and bashing and destroying it. As you might know already, there is a new Karate Kid movie coming out, its a remake with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (yeah, I wonder HOW he got into movies? ahem*ahem*riding on daddy’s coattails*ahem*ahem……oh not to mention the movie is produced by ahem*ahem*Daddy, Will Smith*ahem*ahem). BUT HOW THE HELL IS IT A REMAKE IF…….

  1. We all know Jackie Chan knows Kung Fu, not Karate. He will be teaching Kung Fu and not Karate.
  2. If its Karate Kid, can the location atleast be in Japan? OOOH I don’t know like the beaches of Okinawa or the grand symbol of Japan itself, Mount Fuji, Fuji-yama? ooooh no, its shot in China, and AT THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA?

So how does that make it Karate Kid? I am not sure…… shouldn’t it be “Kung Fu Kid”?

Does Hollywood really think that the United States viewers really that set back and ignorant that they can’t tell between China/chinese and Japan/japanese? Especially you have a well known “CHINESE” actor, Jackie Chan in the movie? They can’t find a Japanese actor to teach karate? Just to name a few off the back of my head that was in hollywood movies previously…. Ken Watanabe from Last Samurai, or Takeshi Kaneshiro from House of Flying Daggers OR better known as, for gamers…….ONIMUSHA….. Come ON, really? Jackie Chan?

I am chinese, obviously, dur..ABC….. but I don’t know if I should be offended or not. They are taking two martial arts that was developed and mastered thru out the centuries and just…..and just….I don’t even have word to describe how I feel. KUNG FU IS NOT KARATE and KARATE IS NOT KUNG FU, simple as that……….

Oh I know some of you out there would say..”ooh don’t be too offended, whatever man..”, but dude, think about it, what if I say…..”hey you people all look the same…”, would you be offended? Look we are asians but we are different. I am not saying we should have war NOW and see who is better, I am all about PEACE and LOVE……………..All I am saying is that maybe, MAYBE respect other people’s culture………and don’t be ignorant…….

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