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ABC3 Podcast: Episode 10 – iPhone OS 4.0

With the pending launch of the Apple iPhone OS 4.0, we are here to discuss the major differences between this latest version and the previous incarnations. (Podcast after the jump)


Which new feature of iPhone OS 4.0 are you most excited about?

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  • akwan

    What blaw meant to say was… Ricky has 2 “lady friends” who like to do “lady-like” things… and shit. Yeah, that’s it.

  • blaw

    ahem…uuummmm no…….. you must have heard wrong

  • Legna

    Ok listening to it. Pretty good, did I miss it or u guys didn’t mention about the HD video recording??
    And I have 6 pages of apps on my iPod touch!

    Oh btw, did I hear Ricky has two gfs?

  • Legna

    downloading this podcast now…..

  • Anon

    How do 2 guys that own iPhones know so little about it? Good stuff today guys. I don’t know how Apple gets away with adding a feature 3 years down the line that should have been implemented in the first place. I mean as one of the Kwan’s mentioned, even the Sidekick had multitasking. You guys need their marketing department.