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Cool or Boo: Strand Craft 122 – A Super Yacht with a Supercar

I always like Batman better than Superman, because Batman has all the cool gadgets and cars.  When I first saw the StrandCraft 122, I thought of Batman.  If they ever make a Batman IV, they should include that yacht in the movie as Batman’s latest high-tech transportation tools because everything about that yacht is just sooooo Batman!

The Strandcraft 122  includes four doublebeds and a large staterooms, heads, reception and salon areas.  For those who are big on media entertainment, there are also 52″ LED TV´s and Bang Olufson sounds systems in all rooms.

The special bonus for this Yacht is it feature a special handcrafted supercar (Tender) powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine with topspeed 375kmh.  If you are worried about where to park the car when you are out in the sea, don’t worry, the yacht also comes with an intergrated garage! Cooool isn’t it?

So… I am just wondering… if we get enough readers’ support, maybe we will have enough funding to go on this Yacht for a tour??  Thanks in advance.

What you think of the Strand Craft 122?

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  • watermelon

    luxurious, yes. high-tech, no. all i see is just a load of cash floating on the ocean. nothing new or “cool” there.

  • Anon

    Putting real life aside, this thing is pretty bad ass. Who cares if you need to hire a crew to drive it and maintain it. I’m a billionaire!

  • Legna

    it is pretty sweet though……

  • blaw

    I say its too rich for my blood, can you imagine the fee to dock that sucker?

  • rkwan

    The yacht itself comes with a sweet car. That is such a deal. So is this under 50k?