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Click Click! 007: Mhhm yummy foods

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”

-Just a simple guy with a camera

Look at those smokey, savory and tender pork chops! The burning flames tickling the pork chop to perfection. Now that I looked at that photo, I remembered how wonderfully it tasted. I am hungry, NOW.  This photo was taken just this past weekend!

Macau's Crispy Pork Cutlet Sandwich

May 31, 2010:  Memorial day (Last Monday in May) is a United States Federal holiday where we remember and honor all the soldiers that died bravely during their service. Coincidentally, this also marks the beginning of summer. So for many Americans including myself, we usually take the grill out, and start Barbecuing. So that’s how we celebrate our Memorial Weekend.

What a coincidence, when I mentioned this week’s subject is food from last’s week’s Click Click! 006:, and we are grilling on Memorial Day.  This ought to be easy.  Food subjects appear at least like 3 times a day. With that mentality, “food is everywhere”, I just went out and shoot a bunch of photos that I had for lunch and dinner. When I was reviewing all the photos I’ve taken, most of them weren’t appealing.

Well, the main problem for shooting food:

“Limited Amount of Time”

Certainly, I have encountered a few: the ice cream melting on the hot brownie top, cut apple slices turning brown,  and the yummy food is waiting for me (or people) to consume.

The tips I learned from doing this week’s subject:

  1. Setting up for the shot – this helps minimize the time needed for the shot. Don’t let that ice cream melt.
  2. Natural Lighting – It helps retain the food’s savory look.
  3. Angles – Some food look good from top, and some look good at food’s height view. Hey, try different things.
  4. Up and Close and Personal – That pork cutlet in the bun looks good doesn’t it?

Gekkeikan Sake + Gruyere Cheese Fondue w/ Bread and Veg.

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Signing off, Next Week’s subject is “Summer”.

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