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Tell me Rock Band this Rock Band that. How Rock Band is SOOOOO GREAT of a game or how ROCK BAND IS SOOOOO COOOL or how people tell me, OH HOW ROCK BAND IS THE FIRST RYTHEM MUSIC GAME….ooh man, I really want to smack them, I really do. I am not talking about kids that was born like 5 years ago. Oh no….not them, they don’t know any better so I won’t count them. What I really are talking about is those DAMN people that is about my age. I am old, well… NOT THAT old, but old enough to drink in a bar and the bartender would know that if she ask me for my ID, I would somewhat be happy about it.

Look, I am not trashing Rock Band here. You gotta give Harmonix, MTV and EA its credit to make it such a GREAT success. I don’t own the game nor I will ever will, but I have played it. Either from their marketing or their “list of available songs”. They made it work out for them. But to say they are the first is just ignorant. WAY before this “Rock Band” boom, I believe there was a title called Dance Dance Revolution aka DDR? Ok its not a music game, its more of a dancing game BUT BUT….its is a rythem game, which it seems what Rock Band kinda does. Ok that was stretch, but you see where I am going with? If you think about it….the game play is surprisely the same if you think of instead of dancing on a dance pad and play DDR with a controller, you pretty much just pressing a sequence of buttons according to the rythem….oooh wait, doesn’t that sound familiar?…….ROCK BAND???…………I know I well get folks out there that says…”well it comes down to that, that was a dancing game and this is a rock-out game, its different…”. ALRITE….what about another title, DRUMMANIA. Dude, come on, it was drums, it made the player sit a fake plastic drum set…….ooh wait, doesn’t Rock Band have a plastic drum set? And oooh wait there is more……GUITARFREAKS!!!! you use a plastic guitar to….ooh man, you can guess on this one and I am sure you can guess already.

Here is a quick list of the games……



That was just a quick list of what for reference, for folks that is my age, please don’t tell me how Rock Band is the “first blah blah” again, otherwise those drumsticks will be going up somewhere…..


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  • wip328

    Konami tried to salvage with Band Revolution which I saw at KMart for the entire set for $30 bucks (Clearance Bin). Oh wells had they hired me to work for them I would had suggest them to created these games with songs for that country =D. I am pretty sure we all had their idea cause I would love to play these games on HK POP songs.

  • blaw

    I think you are misunderstanding or someone is missing some facts. Most of the games DID make it over to the US…….

  • Anon

    I agree with AKwan that not everyone in the US is well versed in this ultra cool Japanese import scene. Its true Konami created all of these great games, but they were not mass marketed to most Americans, unless you were in the cool import club (check it out, i just got FFXII in japanese. I can’t read or understand it, but I do have a walkthrough.) Rock Band is so successful because it combines all of the instruments into one game. Konami may have had something over there, but nothing here. Still such a cool party game whether it was first or not.

  • blaw

    oooh DJ hero……take a gander at this…, and yes, it did come to home consoles….

  • rkwan

    American surely adopt things slower: My parents were doing karaoke with Laser Discs, then VCDs during the same period when the mass market in USA was using VHS tapes.

    Well anyways, the first release of Guitar Freaks by Konami in 1999. Then Rock Band and Guitar Hero took that concept and popularized it 2004/2005. I do concur with Akwan that perhaps bringing it to the home consoles of the USA, it took us by storm.

    But the rhyme genre is dying out. So they always need to come up with something new: DJ Hero and possibly a piano instrument? Still good party game however. =)

  • blaw

    but it was available for home systems

    its sad that people just forget what is done already………. and just acknowledge the new to be the greatest…… and number 1 to do something

  • akwan

    Dude, you have to understand one thing: that the U.S. seems to be always slow to adopt new technologies, and that includes games as well. Take DDR for example: we had been playing that game for how many years at Jillian’s and GT (remember those places??) and we attracted such an audience with our mad skillz (or lack thereof) wondering wtheck were we doing and that that game was like the greatest thing since sliced bread but everybody was too afraid to try it themselves. It actually seems to me that DDR never really took off until the series came into people’s home consoles (no less a very Americanized version) and then after they accumulated enough practice and confidence while playing in the privacy of one’s home, then they could really come out and show off then. But by that time, the ‘DDR phase’ had already died out in us.

    And the same thing goes for DrumMania and GuitarFreaks. And to add to that, Para Para Paradise as well. I do remember seeing these games for the first time at the local arcade at one point in time. And boy, were they always empty! I think this was during the time when DDR finally took off for the “other people” so while everyone was lining up their quarters to dance, nobody knew what these new games were and didn’t bother to play them, except for a few brave souls, which I admit, was one of them. I actually thought the simulated drum kit and electric guitars were cool new innovative ideas but they never really took off at first I guess… until once again, the simulated instruments were being taken in into one’s home via their consoles ala Guitar Hero and RockBand.

    So yes, you are absolutely right in saying RockBand is not the first rhythm game EVER. But it is the first game that includes a whole simulated drum kit integrated with a simulated guitar and microphone that was developed in the U.S. and then fully adopted by U.S. users. Remember, not everyone here is aware of Japanese-imported games too, like us πŸ˜‰

  • blaw

    hahaha, dude, my friends ain’t but you see gametrailers or other game sites all like “ooh they are number 1”. You know what I am talking about……but no, playing the game is fine, just don’t fall into the spell of mass media influence and say its the first to do blah blah…..

  • Anon

    Where is the reference to how Rock Band claims that they are the first? Who claims it? Rock Band or just some of your friends? So if Rock Band never claimed to be the first, would you be okay with the game or do you secretly just like being asked to play it while pretending to hate it? Come on man, we all know you secretly like to be a rock star. I know you have that acoustic guitar somewhere collecting dust. Also, if I know how to play bass, guitar, and drums in real life, is okay for me to rock out on Rock Band? Or is that lame….. Good stuff as always blaw, haha.