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30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Its a little old news, since it happened on the 21st. But I am still happy and excited. Who here watched it as it kid and never appreciated it till they got older….. I can raise my hand on that. I use to just watch it for the cool effects and pew pew and light sabers….wooomb woooomb psssttchhss…… but as I got older and saw that famous part where Darth Vader drops the bomb on us all….”LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER!!!”……..I say….”SAY WHHHATTT!!??”….. Well as I celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie, it also means that I am another year older, not sure if I will be wiser but I am sure I will enjoy the movie many more years to come. Dudes, who has a home theater, you gotta watch this….the beginning part where the star destroyers chases the rebel ships……the sound on it is AWESOME!!!
So anyone up for a marathon this weekend? I’ll bring my limited edition light saber and we can have light saber fights…………………wait what? no…….
Look, I know this is out of the norm, but man, can you say there is another film out there that made such an impact that there are still fans out there after 30 years? There are still games that is coming out today that is related to Star Wars. After 30 years, there are new fans of the film everyday……… I say don’t make new ones, just reshow the old one over and over again.

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