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Has anyone ever gotten stuck behind a car that is driving SOOOO slow and you see the cars next to you zooming by you one-by-one? Then you noticed that the car behind you started to flash its signal lights to move out of the lane as well. You thought you might as well do the same thing but then you see the next car that was previously behind that car that was behind you do that same thing, and the next car, and so on and so forth… by the time it’s your turn, you are MAD pissed and about to kill the person that is driving in front of you. Then you finally switched lanes and catches up to that car and you see that the person is talking on the phone… DAMN YOU BASTARD DAMN YOU!!!!

I really have no issues with people talking on their phones, and I understand that the other person on the other end of the phone line might be someone that is important or someone that the person cares alot about so he/she wanted to talk to he/she as much as possible… BUT… just because you are talking on the phone, does not give you the rights to slow down on a highway and cause everyone behind you to slow down as well and cause traffic. Look, if you can’t talk on the phone and drive normally at the same time, then don’t do it. CALL LATER!!! If you are going to get pissed at someone doing the same thing to you, then why the hell would you do it to others?

Oh that’s not the worst. People actually text… OOOH THAT’S NOT THE WORST… PEOPLE actually text while there is a baby in the back seat. For God sakes, if you don’t care about yourself, think of your child. For realz, hang up, put down your cellphone and concentrate on the road. Unless you can do both, (of course I can before you are like… ‘well shouldn’t you be preaching to yourself first’… I can, and I can prove it… HA!!) STOP… it’s for your OWN GOOD.

The government actually want people to stop talking on phones while people are driving. It’s actually the law in some states. But people are so accustomed to talking while driving now, why would anyone stop? Putting up silly signs saying… “don’t talk and drive” or “hang up and drive” is not going to help when you see State Police do the same thing — talk while driving. If the government is really seriously want to push this they should make all car makers install signal jammers in all new cars. So as soon as a person starts their car or have the car moving, jam that cellphone signal. They were able to make car makers to disable audio systems when in motion, so why not cellphones? 

But until Obama realizes this, I guess my other option is to get a signal jammer. OOOOH can you imagine how funny it would be seeing that girl that’s chattering on the phone, all of a sudden looks down on her phone and sees that her signal is gone and then tries to dial again and no signal… hahahaahah YES!!!!! SERVES YOU RIGHT!!!

Come on man… for realz. Stop talking on the phone while you driving, if you don’t, I WILL PERSONALLY HUNT YOU DOWN TO JAM YOUR DAMN SIGNAL!!!

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