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The 3D Trend – It’s everywhere… even in Playboy!

With the success of James Cameron’s 3D Avatar movie, the 3D fever is just growing stronger and stronger everyday. 2010 is going to be the year of 3D when every aspect of the industry is trying to get a piece of the 3D world. Besides the 3D TVs (Refer to Podcast #4 to learn more about 3D TVs) and Home Theater Systems that are already available out there and remakes of popular movies in 3D formats, here are the latest 3D trends…

3D TV Shows
Starts off with The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, the TV Guide Network added a 3D twist to the red carpet show. The technology they are introducing is called the “Hologram Glam Cam.” It is a 3D tool that generates virtual 3D images of celebrities as they are being interviewed on the red carpet to “display the stars’ current looks and their previous red carpet fashion statements.” It is not as high-tech as the 3D Avatar, and you don’t need the 3D glasses to watch the show, but at least that’s a start.  Oh, by the way, notice Lady GaGa’s outfit is soooo 3-dimensional!?

Okay, I am sure the gentlemen will just loooveee this one, Playboy girl goes 3D!

3D Maganize
Have you ever imagine how it would feel if those Playboy bunnies can just jump out of the maganize and stand right in front of you?  Well, we are not quite there yet, but at least someone out there is trying to provide that experience.  Playboy’s June edition features the world’s first 3D centerfold.  The issue packages with a pair of paper 3D glasses so you can enjoy seeing Playboy Model Hope Dworaczyk in 3D.  It is said the 3D photograph actually makes everything a little.. emm.. bigger, and the model joked, “It’s kind of like it says on the rearview mirror… ‘Things may appear larger’.” Wow… so anyone of you guys already got a copy of it from the newsstand? If you did, please do share your 3D experience! I am curious~~!

3D Fashion Show
Here’s 3D to the high-end fashion world!  Burberry became the first brand that broadcast their fashion show in 3D. The actual fashion show was hosted in London, but was live streaming in HD3D transmission to 5 locations around the world: New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

Of course the cool 3D parties were invitation only, the audience wore the retro red and green glasses and watched the show on a “custom built” silver screen (the rest of us can watch the 2D show on  Hmm… I wonder if the 3D glasses were Burberry brand.

The idea of this 3D fashion show was for people (invitation-only people!) to experience the energy and atmosphere of the event from around the world, and allowed them to see the colors and textures of fabrics without being there.

Uh… 3D Underwear????
Umm.. yea… so… introducing the men underwear giant Jockey’s latest underwear collection – The 3D Innovations-Fashion!  The researchers at Jockey International did a lot of body scanning and anatomical research to analyze men’s body shapes and sizes through different body movements they conduct on a daily basis.  This 3D Innovations line of underwear is supposed to be able to stretch 8-ways… hmmm… I don’t really know how that works… well.. I mean… this whole 3D technology in underwear… I guess… I just don’t understand this at all!

So here’s a picture of the 3D Innovations Trunks…. it’s a little boring, but would you rather see a picture of a male model wearing it and stretching in 8-ways?  Right, I didn’t thought so.

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