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Click Click! 005: Don’t we all love cars?

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”
-Just a simple guy with a camera

Driving a car is fun. Driving a faster car is even more fun.

Well, looking at my collection of car photos, I generally take a lot of still photos of:  afternoon wash of my car + friends’ cars, or at the rotating platform in the latest showcase of upcoming 2011 cars at the NY International Auto Show, or girls at the Hot Import Nights. However, this time I wanted something different. I want to feel the speed and motion of the car on the streets. Hey, that is what’s most fun about cars anyways.

So I set myself on a journey in Boston to find the most fun, speedy, stretch of curvy and straight roads.  Well, the other requirement is of course an ease of location where one can shoot photos close-up. Little, did I know, I drive by this stretch of road all the time.

This is the Storrow Drive in Boston which goes from MGH to Fenway to Boston University along the beautiful Charles River.

Straight to the point, to capture the essence of speed, I used the  a method called the panning shot. Basically, I focus on the car coming into the road,  following it with my camera, and then click, click, click.  You are mostly moving just your upper body, with your hands moving the camera following the car.

Camera Settings:

  • ISO 100 for Sunny Day
  • Shutter Priority of 1/60
  • Continuous (Tracking) Focus

Using 1/30 (slower shutter)  would produce a more blurrier motion background, but you would sacrifice the detail of you subject. Using 1/320 (faster shutter) generally would produce a sharp enough subject and motion blur. It does indeed take lots of practice to get the sharpness of the subject to complement with the background motion at 1/60 or 1/30.  If you are new like me, another tip is to use burst shots which allows you to take multiple shots in a second with 1 click.

It will surely take more practice to get the perfect balance of a detail subject going fast out of the frame. Well, I surely had a lot fun shooting this weekend. On Storrow Drive, some people were slowing down, (dammit I need you to drive faster),  and some were waving at me, and another common thing in Boston: traffic.

Next week’s subject is dedicated to my newly wed friends, Wedding Photos.

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