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ABC3 Podcast: Episode 7 – Super Street Fighter 4

In this episode, we give a review of the recently released game of Super Street Fighter 4. Listen to us really get into our talk this week and we even let loose a curse word or two in there, for the first-time ever on air! Fight! (Podcast after the jump)

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Also, beginning with this podcast, we will be experimenting with a new feature on the site: now you can call us on the phone and leave us an AUDIO message of your hopes and dreams, feelings, thoughts, opinions, or any questions/comments you got for us. And if you’re lucky, we might even include your message in one of our future podcasts someday! Stay tuned to the end of this podcast to hear how you can do that or just find more info here:

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  • rkwan

    Oh yeah, too bad I miss the deal on the amazon preorder. +10 dollar credit.

    Anyhow, yeah, I’ll be trading in my SF4 and then getting SSF4. Then we all can check out the endless battle. You have some headphones JQhuynh?

  • jqhuynh

    Nice podcast guys. This is my favorite one so far. It’s a bit long but because I’m a fan of the game I stuck it through. I’m with the single guy in regards to the Ultra options in this game. I like the selection at the start of the game. It’s strategy in my opinion. From the one time playing the game, Ken’s new Ultra went through projectiles and had more of a horizontal presence compared this is existing Ultra which was all vertical. I like them both and I think it really comes down to who your opponent is and how he/she plays. It’s up to you to decide which version of the Ultra will best benefit you.

    Thanks for the triple AAA review. Now I feel like I can buy the game and know that I’ll get my money’s worth. I’m keeping my SF4 game and will just buy it from Amazon for $35. The order is going in today. See you bitches online!

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