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Cool or Boo: The Evolutionary BMW Halb Organismus

Okay, here’s the next riding toy you can get for your little nephew for christmas.

Alright… I am just kidding, this is a real high-speed motorcycle for adults.  Yes, it IS a motorcycle.

Designer Pierre Yohanes Lubis designed this motorcycle for the BMW Motorrad.  He claimed that this motorcycle is to target the “vibrant eco-minded young individuals.”

The Organismus is only half the size of a “regular high-end motorcycle” with a regular-size front wheel, and an all-way rear-wheel axis which allows the rear wheel to swing left and right.  Since it is an “eco” motorcycle, it does not use gas; it is electric-powered.  It is said that it can travel for about 62 miles when it is fully charged.  And it is small enough that you can just store it inside your apartment if you don’t live in a house and have a garage.

Hmmm…  I wonder if you will need a special motorcycle license to drive it?

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