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Click Click! 004: Contrasting White…

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”

-Just a simple guy with a camera

This is probably by far my most difficult subject. Well everything is white, what do you mean shooting the color white? I was thinking about shooting a black and white photo? Since that should bring up the contrast of the color white eh, but that’s black and white! As you can see, I actually took a photo of the our dog, Eskie. Pets do make amazing subjects.

While on the run shooting numerous photos, I discovered there is a difference in shooting white. No matter what camera you have, be it point or shoot, or DSLR, your camera doesn’t interpret the color white the same as what you see it in your eyes.

Well then, how do I get the White I want?

Auto White Balance of Eskie

The answer is using the White Balance Preset, or a Custom White Balance Setting.

Eskie, on the left photo, is actually a white, friendly dog. He likes to bark a lot and is quite playful.  (woof) (woof)  He is definitely a White dog, but notice that in the photo he has a tint of orange. Hmm is there something wrong with my camera? No, that photo was taken when using Auto White Balance. For all this time, I actually shot all my photos in Auto White Balance, and I didn’t even know anything about it. Well, it’s actually ok to use AWB, however, sometimes you just want to bring the subject’s color to closely match with what your eyes see.

Tungten White Balance Preset of Eskie

Notice that this same photo of Eskie was shot with the Tungsten Preset. Eskie now appears like as I see him. Sweet.

The White Balance presets: Auto, Tungsten (indoor light usually), Daylight, Cloudy, Flash, Shade, Fluorescent, or Custom  are found on any camera.  Well, I would say when you take a photo next time, think about the White Balance before you shoot your photo. Play around, and you might actually like the preset much better than the AWB. Oh lastly, if you do have a DSLR, you can shoot all your photos in RAW, and then apply the White Balance later using software.

For next week’s subject, our subject of shooting should be CARS.

Listed below are Reader’s submissions for White Subjects:

LEGNA's submission

Legna’s shot makes me feel that subject’s elegance and nature. The use of repeating patterns and the focus of the flowers in front really makes this a wonderful picture in my opinion.

BLAW's Submission

Blaw’s shot looks as if I’m moving into the picture. The use of leading lines into the trees makes this an interesting picture indeed. Nice Shot!

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