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Rant of the Week – Comcast, sorry, its not me, its you…..

So, I thought I really ran out to things to rant about… But then there it is, a commercial on TV while I was pulling my hair out… Thanks TV which I have Verizon service with, that ran that Comcast commercial for “XFINITY.” YAH!!!! XFINITY!!!.. Wow even the name sounds cool. Come on, it’s common knowledge that any name that begins with an “X” or “Z” is cool. For example, “Xena, the Warrior Princess…” Ok, she was not all that cool but she showed alot of skin… Well OK, not that much, but back when I was in high school, I take what I was offered, for free. But back to my ranting… Comcast… Sigh~~~ You silly fools… Just because you changed your name of your “Triple Play” service doesn’t mean we can forget all the pain we suffered as a customer.  I still remember back in the days when I had Comcast… Ooooh the joy and fun…

For all those who read this that is not familiar with the Comcast “Triple Play” service, it’s basically cable TV, Internet and digital phone all bundled up as a single service thingy… basically you get 1 bill vs 3 bills. It’s supposed to be cheaper than to get them individually and I believe that IS TRUE… for the first year… and then after that, they send you a letter saying…”to better service our valued customers, we are raising our prices once again…” …So yeah, it’s a rip, but then again, I figured… “sigh~~ alrite, it’s to pay the cable guy… they gotta eat too…” I am seriously too naive. PLUS!!! We didn’t have any other service providers in the area that we can go to. It’s either Comcast or rabbit ears for your TV. And we are getting the internet, so we might as well get the rest.

OOOOHhhhh Comcast, we had so much fond memories. I remember I had to call Comcast for Internet outage issues. The lady had a heavy accent, I don’t want to mention which accent, I think we all know. She would tell me she is a specialist and I would assume she knows what she is talking about. So I listened on and she told me to shut down my computer and reboot it. I then asked her, “ok? but how is that supposed to help? I have a router. ALL MY COMPUTERS DON’T HAVE INTERNET… AND THE CABLE MODEM IS FLASHING EVERY OTHER LIGHT OUT THERE EXCEPT FOR ‘ONLINE’.” She would tell me…”oh yes, just restart your computer…” I would say… “Alrite…” …couple of beeps and boops later, computer restarted, and I would say… “Yeah, it still won’t work…” …She would then say… “ok sir, sorry, I will contact my manager…” …WHAT? How is that supposed to help? You are specialist? You only know how to restart a computer? The problem with the reps is that most of them are outsourced. You will have no idea what they are telling you to do until you asked them over and over again, and by that time you are too embarrassed to ask again, fearing that you might have offended the “specialist.” It feels as if the reps are given a manual, and if someone calls in, they look up the “FAQ” of the manual and then just read off the answers. They don’t feel like they know what they are doing at all.

The Internet was cool, til I learned that there were some other providers that provided FASTER services. I was like…”when the hell are the other providers coming to my town?” That didn’t happen for 10 years. SIGH~~~~ talk about waiting. They are Nazis when it comes to Internet. Oh you think you can host a tiny little website from your computer at home? HELLZ NO!!! That’s a violation, “SHUT DOWN!!!” and you lose your Internet… you have to call them up, and explain to them what you were doing and from your answer, they will decide if you can have Internet again. WOW… I thought I paid for Internet, so why am I being treated as if I am some kind of kid explaining to the officer why was I spitting? Yes spitting is BAD, but NOT AS BAD to cut my service. Their service was horrible. I was working as web designer, and I had to FTP files over to remote servers. Boy… it was so slow… I might as well burn the files on a CD, lick some stamps, and mail it [the old-fashioned snail-mail way]. As if that is not bad enough, just last year, they placed a cap on how much you can use your Internet. Needless to say, I went over the limit… yeah yeah yeah… must be pr0n… but anyways… there is a cap. With HD (High-Definition) media that streams over the Internet these days, how can they put a cap? COME ON COMCAST!!!!! They literally shut down my service without notifying me. When I called, they said… “We tried to call you, but no one was home…” No really genius? I was at work. Maybe you should send me a warning letter or something, instead of calling me at home when I am at work during the day from 8-5.

Please don’t get me going with their phone service. Well don’t, cause I don’t really have issues with the phone service. BUT THEN AGAIN, if they even manage to screw up the phone service, I don’t know what to say. It must be a government conspiracy that they are still around if even their phone service is screwed up.

Sigh~~~ Comcast, you will always be in my heart. The long nites with the customer rep, the crappy upload speeds, the CAP… oooohh the 250 gig CAP… and I gotta say…. yes you do suck… I have Verizon now, and we are happy together. I no longer find myself pulling my hair out just to make you satisfied with me so you can provide me service. NO more. Its not me, its you. Sorry we had to part in such a bitter way… but you still owe me $200. Damn it, it has been a year already and I have yet to receive my $200 check for my Comcast refund.

COMCAST!!!!! I WANT MY $200~~~~

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