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Total Randomness: Hi, I like to have my photos developed.

Hey, does anyone still print out photos nowadays?  I remember back in the days when digital cameras were still not that popular and were expensive to most people, I used to take that roll of 35mm film to the store to have it developed, and I waited patiently for a couple of days to see how the pictures would come out.  If the pictures came out nice, I can even pick one or two of them to put in a frame and display them in the living room.

With the convenience of digital cameras and the seemingly “infinite” space of memory cards, people don’t need to print out photos anymore.  I see my co-workers carry around their digital cameras to show people their kids’ pictures from the camera, or on a flash drive to show vacation pictures on a computer, but never seen anyone show the actual photos in paper form (okay, printing it off the computer on a Letter size paper doesn’t count! And don’t laugh, I’ve seen people done that!).  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the great invention of the digital camera, I love the instant playback of the pictures that helps eliminate pictures that you don’t like, or you can know right away if your eyes were closed when the picture was taken, so you need to take another one.  I look around my friends and co-workers, I don’t believe a lot of them still print out pictures anymore.  Some people think that if you print out pictures, then you need to put them in an album book or frame, then you will need to find space to put the album and frame.   It’s just easier to get one of those electronic picture frame, or just simply make it a screensaver slideshow on the computer.

But I still like to print out pictures.  I like to print out pictures and put them in an album book or in a frame, and then hang it on the wall or put it on a shelf.  I like to be able to choose if I want the pictures print on glossy or matte papers.  Especially now that I own a DSLR camera, I just loveee to see how clear and how vibrant the color come out on the photos.  But that’s just me who still print out photos, there are a majority of people who don’t, therefore you see that one person in CVS going between the photo printing service and the cash register.

When I asked my co-worker, “do you still print out photos?,” her response was “what?  I just put it in a flash drive; only my father still prints out photos…  and don’t you have an SD card?”


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  • Randall Flagg

    I have printed out a few pictures for framing from my computer. But a month ago, I bought a Sony digital frame. Anyone want to buy some 4×6 photo paper??

  • asc

    i print out pics when it’s free 😀

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  • Irene

    I recently broached the subject of developing pics w/ someone and I don’t seem to develop them anymore either! I recently just went through a whole shoe box of photos from the last 8 years of my life and I have SO many! It took a full day to organize them and put into now..I’ve decided to choose which pics I want to develop that I plan on framing…otherwise they just get tossed in “the ole’ shoe box again”

  • SL

    speaking of printed photos, u still have the photos that u were gonna give me last time 😛

    i would print photos out but i get lazy too… n i certainly dun print them as often as u do… last time i printed photos was a few months ago around xmas time when i made photo xmas cards n mailed to hk :D…… not many ppl mail stuff nowadays too…

    regarding on that comment at CVS… thats y u should go to WALGREENS!!! there’s always a photo specialist at the photo dept there 😛

    cute doggies pics!!!

  • akwan

    Actually I would print out photos but I’m usually too lazy to 😛 And besides, if I print out photos, it would only be a few and then the rest would still be stored digitally somewhere. So that won’t protect the rest from getting accidentally lost somehow anyways. I guess the only protection against lost because of hardware failure is redundacy i.e. storing them on your hard drive, an external hard drive, and also burning them onto multiple discs and scattering them in different locations too.

  • rkwan

    Yeah, that actually did happened to me where I lost photos due to a hardware failure. I personally still don’t print photos, but yes, it’s great to print photos, and hang them.

  • Legna

    yeah exactly. How many times you hear people say “i lost my flash drive and all my pictures are in there!” ha…

  • jqhuynh

    Oh BTW…very cute doggie pictures!

  • jqhuynh

    I fall into this category too where I just keep them in digital format only. Seriously, what if the data gets corrupted and you lose your pictures. It’s a terrible thing to lose your past memories. I think having your pictures developed is great for your reasons above and to have just in case the technology fails, which it could!