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Click Click! 003: So what about Water?

Every week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”

-Just a simple guy with a camera

What a coincidence on the subject! When I was looking for a water subject to shoot, Boston had a water crisis. I missed all my chances to take all those photos with people tripping over each other for spring water and fountains of water going high in the air at the Weston reservoir.

Well anyways, for this week subject. I do not know how to shoot a subject about “water”. I shot a lot of photos of lakes, rivers, etc., but they were all uninteresting. Finally, on this past rainy Monday, I saw water droplets on my car windshield, and I decided that was my photo! My subject should define and express the properties of water itself: fluid and transparent.

“How do you shoot a photo of water droplets of such small size without a macro lens?

I initially shot these photos with my original 18-70 mm lens with the “macro” setting, however all my photos are out of focus, and blurry. So I learn that I can actually cheat, and use my telephoto lens 55-200 mm lens. Of course, I would prefer Macro lens if I had them. But what’s noobie gotta do when cash$$$ is limited.

Submit your photos of Water, or for next week’s subject: the color White.

In the gallery mode of this week, I have my own photos for the week + reader(s) submissions. Have comments, leave them here.

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  • trouBLE

    anh yeu em, Rickysan!

  • Legna

    why do i need to buy it when i can right-click and save picture as? ; )

  • rkwan

    Legna – Thanks so much. I will see how I can improve the vividness of the photo. Would you like to purchase this photo? =)

  • Legna

    yes i like that dog, but also because of the contrast of the color of water, tennis ball and the dog. And you can also see the movement of the water. It’s just a nice pic! If the color can be move vivid, it will be even better I think.

  • akwan

    nice pic choice for the carousel this week!

  • blaw

    you like it because there is a doggy

  • Legna

    all the pictures look a little dim.. but i like your water pictures~ especially the one with the black lab ๐Ÿ˜€