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Rant of the Week – Trust me, no one is safe from VIRUSES and HACKING.

For many years, people tell me that MACs or Linux or Unix machines don’t get viruses. I say……”really?”, sarcastically. I would like to say here once and for all. YES MACs, LINUX and UNIX MACHINES CAN GET VIRUSES TOO!!!!!! It’s just that people out there haven’t made anything that target those machines yet.

First of all I am no Microsoft fanboy, please, don’t even accuse me of it. I use whatever is available. They’re ALL the same to me. But for people to say…”I have a MAC and I am invincible to viruses…”, no, no, don’t even think about it, no… bad….. MACs do get viruses. I’ve seen it before. I worked in a computer repair shop before. I seen it and back then there was nothing to get rid of it either. We had to send it off to a “official” MAC repair person.

Look, I am not saying MACs or Linux or Unix machines are horrible too. And you have to go find an antivirus for those machines too. I’m just saying, for a person to say….”my #### machine don’t get viruses” is very ignorant. Please….really, please….think about it. It’s all just code, you think all of the other OS’es are any different from Windows? It all comes down to the hackers’ choice of hacking. If they want to hack something, it doesn’t matter what OS it runs or what kind of machine it is, it’s going to be HACKED. Windows just happens to be the targeted OS just because it’s been the most popular for the past years for offices everywhere and anywhere. Now MACs are getting popular, it’s getting its fair share of viruses and worms as well. Hey, I give Apple credit for updating every week and patching things up. BUT people have been complaining that Windows updates is annoying….well won’t sooner or later the MAC updates be the same thing as Windows updates? So for people to complain about updates on Windows……just stop, just stop it. And don’t even get me started with Linux or Unix, its “OPEN SOURCE”, that to me mean…”NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT”. So if you get hacked? HA!!! good luck with you, you probably don’t even know you got hacked already.

Look I am no Microsoft fanboy. You would assume they make a better OS by now that they won’t be hacked so easily. The updates are……..well I don’t want to contradict myself, but damn, they ARE ANNOYING!!!!! OOOH NO they created that travesty, Vista. Look it all pretty and stuff but it crashes every other time I use my computer. COME ON!!! I keep on sending those error things but do I get an update to fix my computer? ARRRGGHHH!!!!! ALL I WANT IS TO PLAY SIMCITY 4 ON MY QUAD-CORE MACHINE. SIGH~~~~~ of course it’s not compatible. Of course it’s not……sigh~~~

I mean, how can you escape viruses or hacking when you have hardware shipped with it from the factory. A quick article from (name dropper!!), and you will see what I am talking about. Those companies can deny it BUT we have seen it in the past before.

So in short, if you guys think that you are safe? NO!!! I mean, people can actually hack your computer through the power outlet. So if you really want to protect yourself from hacking or viruses, shut down your computer and pull the plug……matter of fact, what ever happened to good old paper and pencil?

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  • blaw

    Thanks, for reading, I will continue to post every Tuesdays. Hopefully you will enjoy my future posts as well.

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  • blaw

    You just to proved my point further. So sooner or later Apple devs will pick up the pace, and become like Windows and update every week…….SO PEOPLE STOP CRYING ABOUT WINDOWS UPDATES, ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!

  • rkwan

    Actually, I believed Microsoft are the ones that updating their to correct security exploits on a weekly basis. When there’s a security exploit on a MAC, it actually takes week(s) before they get patched.

  • Anon

    You almost had me there, but your argument about Linux not having customer support is hypocritical. Please tell me if you can call Microsoft directly when you have a purple monkey popping out of your tasktray or if you screen goes blue (never used Vista or Windows 7 before, XP 4 Life!). I have worked in a PC repair shop also, and rely on good ol Google and forums to solve issues, not a direct Windows support phone number. Linux and Mac users can also rely on this magical search engine to fix most problems. So what other arguments do you have against Linux other than they don’t have ‘NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT’? Usually if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a M$ Fanboy.