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ABC3 Podcast: Episode 5 – The Matrix

In this episode, listen to us describe what exactly is the Matrix? How do we know we’re not in it right now? And find out what we would do if we found out that we were indeed in the Matrix?


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  • rkwan

    Food for the mind. The true question is would you want to live in the real world or the matrix (virtual reality)? Imagine that you are in the Matrix now?

  • Wip328

    I thought you have to be in the reality world to program the skills in for use in the Matrix. You don t control anything in the Matrix unless you live in the real world. The Matrix world does not allow you to program skills in to the brain. So if you think about it, you can play a RPG type of game and you can program skills for your user in the game. Isn t this world slowly being controlled by the machine…some people won t survive without their cell, pc, and internet…That movie is trying to tell you people that as technology advance people are gradually being consumed by the machine. We don t know it yet cause we are still controlling machines…