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Total Randomness: Cool or Boo? – Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

What does this look like to you?  It looks a giant metal detector to me.  But it’s actually a bladeless fan!  I was at Bestbuy and saw this ad on the bottom of the last page on the flyer.  So I went to the Fan section to see if they actually have one on display, and they did. 

First impression was “this is easy to clean”, and second was “a pretty cool piece of home furniture for decoration” The fan was actually pretty breezey, but then I looked at the price, “$329.99″…. who’s going to pay $330 for a fan? (I thought everyone has an air conditioner nowaday anyways?) well… actually I am sure there are people who will pay that price for a fan, but definitately not me. 

I am not going to go in depth of the theory and technology behind this fan, because to be honest, I didn’t even read about it.  haa.. but from what I understand, the fan take the surrounding air and amplifer is 15x to create the breeze.  If this fan interests you that much and you want to know more, you can go visit their website .

Bottom line is the fan is pretty cool looking, safe because there’s no blades, and easy to clean, but it’s still just a fan… does it really worth $300??  If I ever buy it, I would be buying it as a decoration piece, but not for the value of a fan.

And when I told my coworker how much this fan costs, she said “I would rather use a paper fan.”

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