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Click Click! 002: Here we come Spring!

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”

-Just a simple guy with a camera

Well, this week’s topic is Spring. Just for 3 seconds, when I say the word “Spring”, what do you think of? Red, and white daffodils waving from left to right. A breeze of white pollens  bouncing through the wind. When I think of “Spring”, I think of a new beginning. Walking in the park, scrolling down the street with your dog, and of course taking photos of nature: flowers, and trees.

As for this week’s subject, I’ve actually drove around in my car, and double-parked on the side of the road to take photos of what I would envision in mind as spring photos. I really wanted to convey a message in my spring photo:  “A Colorful New Beginning”

Pick up your camera, go out, and shoot pictures. Just as for this week’s subject, I wanted to filled my entire frame with nature from left to right with trees, flowers, and what have you. For most of these photos, I am using either “landscape” or “macro” settings on my camera.

So as I was looking to complete my assignment for this week, I found out the problem when I started viewing these photos on my computer. A lot of my shots were in high contrast which gave my subject a sort of a grainy affect. An example of this shot is the pink tree shots I’ve taken.  Well that’s not how I envisioned my shot, but here are some tips that may help overcome this:

  1. Try to place yourself or your subject under a shade.
  2. If you can pick a time to shoot, it may be better to shoot before the morning or after noon.
  3. Place the subject behind the sunlight.
  4. Update: 04/29/10, my co-worker, a professional photographer,  said “Also, you can change the exposure value on the camera.”

If you think you have a “Spring” photo you like to share, please do send it to me.
Next week’s photo subject “Water”.

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