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Rant of the Week – Best Buy is AWESOME!!!!

If you didn’t notice it by now, that is TOTAL SARCASM. They are horrible. I have so many stories to share that I can’t even wait to start ranting about them. So let the ranting begin.

Why does the sales people in Best Buy stores suck? Oh, I am not even going to mention the sleazy rumors that happens behind the consumers’ back. Most of the time, I can’t even GET a sales person to come over to me to ask me questions. Actually I won’t even see one around the area where I would be. I go to Best Buy all the time. It’s something to do during lunch hour. When I step into a Best Buy, its nice to have someone greet me at the door, but once I am inside, forget it, either you can’t find a sales person at all, OR they will all be chatting with each other like teenagers in high school where they have their own social group, so you don’t want to barge in and be like a geek. If there is ever a sales person that DOES come by, they do what I call a “walk by ‘May I help you?'”. You THINK you are getting service, but in reality the person is just asking so you feel better. They won’t even actually stop walking. I mean, if they are not getting paid, then I understand that the service maybe a bit crappy, but I believe these people do get paid. If they are commissioned based, then shouldn’t they be kissing my butt to get that commission? I don’t know how they get paid. I have never worked at a Best Buy before, but shouldn’t I get some kind of hospitality? Some kinda of service?

Just recently Ricky-san (listen to Podcast…) visited a local Best Buy to test out a new product. Not only he wasn’t able to get the full experience of the new product, he was rudely interrupted by a sales person and was told that his demoing is, and I quote from what I was told, “IS OVER”. I was surprised. If you don’t want people to demo a product, then don’t have it available for people to demo it. “IS OVER”? So Best Buy has a person that keep watch on how long you check something out? Its not like Ricky was being a jackass and was disrupting the peace. He was just demoing the product, he was hoping to get the full experience so he messed around with few buttons, but he was told “IS OVER”. WOW….really?

So let me get this straight, so the people that we see that “works” in the stores don’t really help you out. They are there to be security and police the consumers?

Another beef I have with Best Buy, how come every time I want to buy something and finally able to find a sales person, the item is NEVER, NEVER available? I will always have to go to another Best Buy? I wanted to buy a LED TV, its a very typical Samsung LED TV. But I had to go to 2 Best Buys before I was able to find a store that has it in stock. That’s one case, another was when I wanted to buy a HP netbook. They have it on display, but I had to go thru 3 Best Buys and then ultimately got it at Microcenter. My point here is that. If you don’t have it, why display it? They would tell me this..”oh you can order it online”… no duh…..really? If I order everything online, then why the hell I need to come to the store, heck why is it even necessary to even have a store. I can order everything online you jackass.

Ohhhhh don’t even get me going on Geek Squad…..No, for real, don’t get me going, cause I know nothing about them. I fix my computers and from the other services from Best Buy, I am sure they are no better.

Maybe its just my luck, or maybe I look like a cheapo so they know I won’t be buying anything? I am not sure what it is but if their service and hospitality is so horrible, how can anyone really do any shopping in there? I don’t know, maybe I should listen to them and just buy everything online. SIGH~~~~ Circuit City, why did you have to close down? Don’t get me wrong Circuit City had the same issues but at least I get another choice. Hey share your experience. I am sure it will be fun.

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  • D

    i used to work at bb too…our store use the hottest girl available to stand greet at the door with bb credit application..even when the line was ridiculously longggg…

    yah BB only good to play with toys..if u cant do that..forget it!

  • Anon

    On the flip side, I assume the people working are mostly students and people who need a temporary job (correct me if I’m wrong jhuynh). I used to work in retail and did not give a shit about helping people. Why would I? I wouldn’t get paid more. I just do enough to keep the job. I just wanted to go in and put in my hours so that I could buy books or school clothes. I am surprised you actually expected service from a Best Buy. Most of the people there just ‘work’ there and are (again assuming) not trained about the products that are there. WIth past experience working at a Dunkin Donuts, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how much fat is in a bagel. Listen bitch, maybe you shouldn’t worry about how much fat is in that bagel and eat a carrot, but I digress…

    I think you should only go to Best Buy to demo products, compare TV quality side by side, and buy things when it is actually cheaper than online.

  • rkwan

    I also have beef with them as I couldn’t find a salesperson to show me or give me a demo of the 3D TVS. For god sake, it was like 6PM on a weekday, and the store was practically empty.

    Anyway, when I did get the right rep, he seems to be professional in explaining the products such as 3D TV, and HT system. Of course, he was trying to sell me their products.

    jhuynh – Yes, now we have insider scoop. Imagine them getting commission. And YES, I always decline their warranties, and accessories.

    Bestbuy: “Would you like a Monster cable?”
    Me: “Hell no.”

  • jhuynh

    I used to work at BB so I can share on some of your experiences. First off, the reason why you get acknowledged upon entering the store is for you take notice that “big brother” is watching you so don’t do anything stupid. They don’t care about you unless you’re a hot chick (no offense, dude). Plus you’ll notice your greeting is from BB’s security guy only. You’ll also get a goodbye when you exit the store with a message for you to remember “that’s right, we noticed you left the store too so next time you come back or enter another BB store, don’t do anything stupid”.

    Now regarding quality of service and why you’re not getting the attention you deserve…you’re not a hot chick (no offense, dude) but more importantly BB does not work on commission so no bonuses for them. They do get recognized based on extended warranty plans and/or accessories which are usually marked up. I know because I used to be in computer sales there and I took advantage of a lot of innocent people. I am not happy with myself and I do regret what I did. However, I was really good at selling computers and the bonus stuff that the GM wanted to promote me to team lead. I drew the line there and quit!

    Now I only use BB to get the hands on experience like Ricky but if they’re going to cap my experience time…then F’ you BB!

  • Legna

    blaw, repeat after me “breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out” do u feel better now? don’t get yourself all work up because of those people~