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ABC3 Podcast: Episode 4 – 3DTV

In this episode, we discuss the future of television all around that is 3DTV — what is it, what do we need to see it, and what will it take for us to adopt it.


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  • Randall Flagg

    I just came back from a forced trip to NYC (not my favorite place) and I had some time to kill. I ended up stepping into a small mall just for the AC and saw a Samsung store. I went in, and I saw the Holy Grail. World Cup on 3D TV. Funny glasses and all. It was AMAZING – and I’m not even a big soccer fan. Just like when I first got HD, I’d watch shit I didn’t like just for the HD. Same thing! I then went to Comcrap’s website and I think that ESPN3D is available in my area. So the money wheels are turning….

    The downside is the glasses. Not just that you have to have them, but that they are expensive. You can’t invite 20 people over to watch the Cup, Nascar or whatever else they broadcast without dropping major coin on glasses.

  • D

    rkwan..then they can’t make the extra $$ from u having to buy new hardware…

    everybody taking a page from apple….just give comsumer the minimum..then add the extra stuffs later..eventhough we can give it all to u at once….i really really pray for the day that this will cause backfire with apple……

    look at Avatar (the highest grossing/costly movie supposedly.. claim to be must have 3D movie experience…so i heard)…on the release to home it is only available on dvd/bluray ….wft james cameron..i thought this is a 3D movie…where is my 3D bluray hoebag!!!! ooh i c…u want me to buy this version now..and buy the 3D version later…bastard…

  • rkwan

    Imagine if we can just upgrade TV’s firmware or Blu Ray player that will allow you to play 3D. Now that’s the right direction that manufacturers are taking. Existing technology to work with upcoming ones.

  • R_Flagg

    I am not ready to buy an 3D system yet. But when I shop for a Blu-Ray player, I will likely look to see if its 3D or can be upgraded to handle it.

  • rkwan

    RT – LOL, can’t get your new gadget to work? Let us borrow your new gadget so we can do a review. Whahahaha

    ANON – Thanks for listening . We surely would like any feedback you have. Be sure to email us back or leave any comments.

    OH YEA!!!!

  • Anon

    Thanks for listening to your viewers and changing the fascist commenting system. I hated to be list |||||||CENSORED||||||||. Ah, damn you Comedy Central!

  • Anon

    I agree with Boyd that its dumb that the TVs require glasses and not only that, they are expensive too. Good thing about these TVs, they are driving down the prices of LCD and LEDTVs. Win for me.

  • Legna

    Just download it on to itune.

    Can someone teach him how to use his IPAD?!

  • akwan

    1.) It’s an AUDIO podcast; there is nothing to ‘watch’; you just listen.

    2.) You need Flash installed for the audio player to work.

    3.) If you are on an iPad or any other “iDevice,” you can listen to our podcasts on iTunes (search for “abc cubed”) or via our RSS feed here:

  • Rt

    I can’t watch ur clip in my iPad do something