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Click Click! 001: Patterns in Photography

Every week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!

One year ago, I’ve bought myself a DSLR camera for a vacation. Wow, I took about 1000 pictures during the trip, many of them were landscapes, and portraits.  However, like many people, after the vacation, my camera was left hibernated in its case. Well, I’ve decided to recharge the battery, clean the dust off the lens and camera. Because this time, the adventure will be bigger.  I hope this blog will help many others such as myself find or reignite an interest in photography.

So here we go! Well this is something I learned many times, but I still failed to commit.

“Just keep shooting it away like you never have before”.

It’s better to have shot something than to miss a moment’s frame.  With today’s technology there’s no rhyme or reason not to shoot till you get tired.  Storage is almost infinite in my terms, and picture playback is instantaneous. Sometimes, the best shots are the ones that you accidentally clicked.

Well, this week’s photo subject is “Pattern”. Photography can be just a tact more interesting when you have a repeating subject in the photo, or have the subject break the pattern.  I’ve posted a subject of repeating candles in this blog. I’ve probably shot like 20 shots before I settled with this shot.  Think you can shoot a better pattern of candles or of anything, submit it to me, and I’ll post them.

Next week’s photo subject is “Spring”. What is the first thing you think of when it comes to spring?

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