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Rant of the Week – the iPAD, sigh~~~

Look, let me begin with me saying this: I am not one of those Apple haters. I am not a fanboy either. I have an iPhone and I love it. The iPhone is great. It has its flaws, but it’s great. No, I don’t have a jailbroken iPhone, so no, I am not saying it’s great because I am able to get free games from torrents for jailbroken phones. I am not a Mac user. I am a PC user and I use a PC for everything from work to play but I have no issues using a Mac either. So NO, I am not an Apple basher/hater. With that out of the way, let my ranting begin.

The iPad. It’s a tablet PC, ok not a PC per-se, a tablet MAC running iPhone OS. The new iPad supposedly runs on its own Apple self-made chip, the A4. I don’t want to get to technical here….but ok? So? What I want to know is why is it sold out? I believe that many other companies, take for one, Sony, has released tablet PC’s many many moons ago with many many iterations of it before. Do a search on Google and you will find something, heck, click here and you will see what I am talking about. Do you see it being sold out? Ok, its probably not as fast as the iPad but that was in 2004. That was 6 years ago. But the iPad comes out, you have the whole world all getting horny like a high-school freshman boy.

Do people realize it’s a bigger version of the iPhone? There are pictures on the Web that shows people lining up for the iPad. I can bet you those are the same people that will BRING their iPad to their local Starbucks and start using it there and show off that they have an iPad. Come on people? Really? Do you have to buy everything Apple puts out? I have a theory, if Apple employees just one day blow their nose on a piece of tissue that has Apple’s logo on it, people will buy it. OH!!!!, not only buy it, they will line up for it.

Come on, convince me that the iPad is revolutionary. Don’t tell me it has a bigger screen cause I can connect my laptop to a 24 inch monitor anytime……don’t tell me I can type and write documents with it, cause I am not sure if I want to use a virtual keyboard….oh don’t even get me started with the iPhone QWERTY keyboard and I don’t want to buy an external keyboard. Don’t tell me that I can watch movies on my iPad, cause if I really want to watch a movie at home, I have my computer with a 55-inch TV. If I am to watch movies on the road, I have my iPhone or Archos IMT. Don’t tell me you can read a book from it, well ok, then read a damn book, ooh wait, a tablet PC can do that as well. Don’t tell me that I can play games with it, cause we all know that most games in the Apple store is nothing compared to the console games. Don’t tell me that you can surf the web with it, yeah? Ok… can I with an iPhone, a full size Mac, a netbook or my full size PC. Please give me a better argument to justify the iPad’s existence.

SIGH~~~ unless someone out there that can convince me that the iPad is an actual useful device, my opinion and question remains the same. The folks that buys the iPad are just fanboys. They buy anything Apple makes.

Please no flame comments, cause unless, like I said you have good proof convincing me the iPad is a legit product to not just rip money out of fanboys, just don’t do it…….it’s lame.

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  • akwan

    Well, at least there is one person out there that finds the iPad useful; and somehow I doubt that she’s an Apple fanboy either…

  • jhuynh

    Steve Jobs is a genius. The popularity and success of the iPhone would no doubt peak people’s interest in the iPad. Yeah, it’s all looks, cool, trendy, and what not but they rule the touchscreen market. Nobody else has gotten that touchscreen as well as they have. The responsiveness is unreal in my honest opinion. That followed by such a simplistic and intuitive IU makes Apple a winner.

    By no means am I a fanboy but Apple knows how to market, period. You knew the popularity of the iPhone would drive a good percentage of people to the iPad.

    I am NOT buying an iPad since I’m a PC guy myself but I have no issues with Apple, the iPad, or its owners.

    FWIW, I will be lining up for the 4G iPhone!

    Also, I’m going to have to disagree with the Starbucks remarks. A Starbucks coffee costs the same as a D&D or wherever else you buy your coffee. How is it a trend? It’s coffee and good coffee.

  • blaw

    If you remember those MAC vs PC commercials, they made PC = Windows. You see my point in Apple Marketing team brainwashing people?

  • Anony

    errr.. let me just go back back back back all the way back and remind everyone that PC = personal computer. why was it associated with Windows, i don’t understand.

  • wip328

    Its ok blaw, people like Apple products like women liking Gucci, LV purses. It has nothing to do with technical advantages or powerful specs or even usability. Its all about being the trendiest. Its the same with people holding a cup of Starbucks, nothing to do with the taste of the coffee, just makes the person look cool and confident holding a cup of SB.

  • blaw

    I did buy my LED TV for its performance. The color and contrast ratio was better than any other LCD TV then. SO….BAM!!! take that!!!

  • Anon

    Nobody’s telling you to buy it, nor do they have to convince you to buy it. If it fits in their lifestyle, what makes not okay to buy it? What’s not to say that the people lining up do not own an iPhone and are using the iPhone OS for the first time (yes, I know most are fanboys). You have to admit, they UI is pretty slick and responsive. Its a niche market, just like buying Japanese video games, Ferarris, and 3D LED TVs. Think back to when you bought your LEDTV… did you get it because it actually performs better or because it was the latest and greatest?

  • legna

    i am not buying the ipad! I am goinna wait and see what HP is gonna come out with first.