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Rant of the Week – Hollywood, why are you killing my childhood?

I really believe writers are running out of ideas. I see more and more movies that comes out are either based on old 80 shows, videogames, 80 cartoons, anime, and you name it that you wouldn’t thought it will be come a movie. Its great that they do a great adaptation of the franchise, but most of the time, its horrible, thats where it gets me ranting.

You would think Hollywood had learn their lesson from the Super Mario movie. I really don’t know who the writer is targeting with these movies. I remember when I was a kid I watched the old Street Fighter movie with Van Damme, I walked away and said to myself….”what the hey just happened here?”.  Oh as if that is not enough, they made a Double Dragon movie. They take a game with a simple story and try to make a 2 hour movie. If you are that creative, why not just change make your own movie rather than using a franchise? Atleast it won’t look cheap that way.

Videogame movies are not something new, its been here and we have gotten use to it. Many of us already recognize it as a trap and just walk away. But in recent years I see more and more Hollywood taking our childhood and stomp onto it with a big fat boot. They took Flintstones and made a movie out of it. I have nothing to say about the movie, I was one of those that refused to watch it.

With cinema technology advances day by day, the more they stomp on our childhood. When I was a child, I loved The Transformers. They were clever toys. Come on, as if there is any other toy out there that you pay for one but you actually are getting 2 toy, I get a car AND a robot. But Hollywood has to take that and make it a movie out of it. For the ones that don’t remember, THERE was a movie already. And the story was mediocre, but that is a real Transformer movie. We were able to recognize the characters right away without reading a guide on who is who. As if you can tell me who that transforming chick in the new Transformer movies is? We can ALL speculate but unless the writer/director know himself, we will never know.

Ooh no Hollywood don’t stop there. They took Dragon Ball and made it into a movie. WHY?!!!???!?!? Someone gotta had said…”you know, this is going to fail you know..”…… and it did, but do Hollywood care? Oh no, oooh no, a 2nd and 3rd movie is announced and scheduled. And for the heck of it, thats not the end. They just announced Paprika and Bleach movie. Unless they are faithful to the original material and find actual convincing actors doing the roles. Forget it……..

Oh as if that is not bad enough, Hollywood is taking childrens books that I once enjoyed and slapped Johnnie Depp in it with weird make up and weird CGI alteration and destroy our fairy tales.
SIGH~~~~~ really?

I am tired of such films, PLEASE SOMEONE stop them!!! COME ON!! COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEA FOR ONCE!!!

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