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Rant of the Week – Kids and their portable videogames

Kids these days, everywhere I go I see them with their heads down playing their Nintendo DS or PSP’s. I remember when I was a kid I didn’t get anything like that, we actually went outside and play catch, or slide down on the slide or play with the swings. We actually meet friends up outside at the playground. And when we were with our parents we would be play with other kids. But now these days all I see is kids face ALL buried into a videogame when they are out. For god sakes, you are outside, enjoy the weather no matter if its sunny or rainy day. Enjoy life, enjoy the other people that walks by you.

I am ranting on the kids, but I think the parents have some sort or responsibility as well. Just because the child said…”mom I am bringing my PSP”….as parents, you don’t have to agree. You have the right to say..”No, we are eating, not going to be playing videogames…”. Parents don’t use their authority enough and just want to be “friends” with their kids. That is nice and all, you can be friends, thats one relationship but you ALSO a parent. As parents you are suppose to lead the child to a good path down the road of their life.

Now I am not saying videogames are bad, they are a good form of entertainment, BUT they should not be what parents use to “shut the kid up”. I am a videogamer and so with many of my other friends. I remember when I got my first videogame console, a Famicom (for those who don’t know, its the japanese version of the US grey box Nintendo). I remembered I was jumping for joy I played but I know when to stop as well. If my mom sees that I played too long, she actually tells me to stop so there is guidelines in playing. I had a Gameboy as well, I admit I bring it out to restaurants, but when its time for eating, their is silent rule to shut off the Gameboy and eat like a regular person.

In short, I think kids these days are too buried into their videogames, but its not all the kids fault, the parents also have to take some sort of responsibility and say something for once about when the game shoule be turned off.

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