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China’s cooking oil…well lets say its not from corn…

Supposedly a tip to a radio station, many places in china are using what they called..”recycled” oil….the oil is used in kitchen for cooking.

With that tip, the government went on investigation and found multiple places with this same kind of operation where they take RAW sewage and make oil out of it. The process of making such oil is described vaguely, basically taking the raw sewage, filter the chunks and boil it down till all the chunkies are gone.

Well it looks clean, and its cheaper, about half the price what people pay for real edible oil.

The issue with this oil, aside from the hygene issue, its poisionous, its so bad its 100x as dangerous as arsenic.

All I gotta say is….thanks China for bringing us chinese to a new low…..

you can read more with the url below and some pics…

To read more, here is the link of the story, but be warned the site rate M or older.

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